Tales from the Top Flight launched, randomly, over a cafe solo in Torrevieja, Spain in August 2014.

The conversation went along the lines of Darwen challenging Leddy that ‘even he could write better sport than most of the expat journalists in town’ and Leddy foolishly agreeing to give him a shot.

30 seconds after trying to write something serious and football the sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek, vaguely-satirical voice that had been with Darwen since childhood rose to the surface and Tales from Top Flight was born.

The weekly roundup has featured in the largest English-speaking newspaper on Spain’s Costa Blanca ever since – and also runs weekly on the slightly-more-famous TalkSPORT. The Huffington Post let it roam free until they realised they could end up in court and the short-lived FanTV put it on television, no less.

And now it is back – having launched him a career where he just about makes enough money a month to class himself ‘in football media’ Darwen is back to the allegedly-daily grind of trying to take the piss out of the Premier League circus.

It’s a hard life.

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